UK delivery only

Bars & Brownies

  • cheesecake brownie bars
  • peanut butter swirled cheesecake bars
  • magic eight bars
  • soft and gooey s’mores bars
  • nutella brownies (with cream cheese)
  • key lime bars
  • dulce de leche coconut bars
  • brown butter marshmallow popcorn bars
  • carmelitas
  • browned butter caramel and butterscotch bars
  • lime and coconut crumble bars
  • lemon bars
  • white chocolate marshmallow pillow bars
  • marshmallow caramel s’mores bars
  • caramel chocolate gooey bars
  • nutella cheesecake bars
  • lemon crumble bars
  • blueberry crumb bars



  • seven caramels
  • s’mores truffles
  • cookies and cream fudge
  • nutella truffle bites
  • birthday truffles (2 weeks notice)
  • s’mores bites
  • cake batter fudge
  • salted caramel mocha truffles


Buns & Breads

  • sticky sticky buns
  • caramel pecan cinnamon buns
  • blueberry yogurt loaf
  • banana loaf



  • espresso chiffon cake
  • mocha cake with fresh cream
  • sweet potato cake with (fresh cream/cream cheese frosting)
  • mini cheesecakes (salted caramel/strawberry sauce)
  • cheesecake (light or heavy)
  • oreo cake
  • banana cake with praline filling & white chocolate ganache
  • pistachio cream cake
  • milky way cake
  • chocolate chip cookie crust cheesecake
  • chocolate mousse cake
  • crepe cake
  • lemon meringue cheesecake
  • napoleon cake
  • ferrero rocher cake



  • blueberry and cream cookies
  • cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies
  • chewy sugar sprinkles cookies
  • white chocolate snickerdoodle cookies
  • cream cheese chocolate chip cookies
  • nutella cream cheese cookie sandwich
  • lace cookies
  • oreo cheesecake white chocolate chip cookies
  • s’mores cookies



  • mocha cupcakes with espresso buttercream
  • red velvet cupcakes
  • cookies and cream cheesecake cupcakes
  • ferrero rocher cupcakes
  • vanilla bean cupcakes
  • banana nut cupcakes



  • green tea white chocolate chip muffins
  • strawberry banana muffins
  • cream cheese blueberry muffins
  • cream cheese banana muffins


Pies & Tarts

  • crack pie
  • pecan pie
  • mississippi mud pie
  • pumpkin pie
  • key lime pie (with meringue)
  • strawberry tart
  • blueberry tart
  • marshmallow brownie pie
  • peanut butter pie
  • banana dulce de leche pie
  • cookie crust chocolate tart
  • vanilla bean cream pie
  • blueberry custard pie
  • s’mores pie
  • french silk pie



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