As many of you know, I am fully Korean. Although born and raised in London, I have been blessed with the ability to not only understand but also to speak Korean. My recent acquisition of the language has opened my eyes into the state of our Northern counterpart.

I have chosen to support LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) as I fully espouse their mission statement. The North Korean people can achieve liberty in our lifetime. With our help, the day will only come sooner. All the profits that Hannah’s Oven makes will be put towards rescuing refugees hiding in China. The money will be used to provide basic necessities for the refugees and to help them resettle into Seoul or the US. Here they will have the opportunity to start fresh and to help spread awareness so that they in turn can help the family and friends they left behind.

I hope you will help Hannah’s Oven support LiNK and the North Korean people.

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