Blueberry Bundt Cake






Far moister than any blueberry muffin from any coffee shop, this blueberry bundt cake is perfect for tea and especially appropriate for when your mother’s friends are over.

I do recommend that everyone invest in a bundt pan sooner or later. They’re heavy and strong and seem to produce fail-proof cakes every time. There’s also something about the adorable shapes that make even a simple cake like this seem much  more impressive. I used the Fleur de Lis Bundt Pan from Nordic Ware for this cake and am hoping to buy the castle bundt pan soon! Continue reading

Oreo Cheesecake Cookie Dough Bars





Oreo graham cracker base, cheesecake filling & a soft baked cookie dough cover.

I tried experimenting with a plain oreo base and a oreo/graham cracker base and I found that the latter served as a better base for the cheesecake. The salty hints in the graham crackers go perfectly with the velvety cheesecake – trust me!

These bars are simpler than they look and can be kept for up to 5 days. Enjoy!

Adapted from Two Peas & Their Pod

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Honeycomb Cookie Dough Blondie Bars





20140615-211213-76333462.jpgCocoa blondie base, no-bake cookie dough with honeycomb pieces & a milk chocolate cover.

These bars were a gift for my cookie dough addict friend on her birthday. I felt it was insufficient to throw a jar of cookie dough and all its 30 seconds of glory at her – so I made these!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of blondies as it always feels like there’s something missing.. chocolate. Thus, I tried adding a tablespoon of cocoa and it takes these blondies to a whole new level, without taking away from from the gorgeous cookie dough and chocolate cover.

However, blondies are infinitely adaptable so feel free to throw in whatever you want into them! (chocolate chips, nuts, bananas, m&ms etc)

Refrigerate for at least one hour and remember to bring the bars out to room temperature before you’re planning on serving. I made these on a hot summer’s day so had no choice but to refrigerate over night and the blondies took a bit of time returning to chewy texture. Enjoy! Continue reading

Caramelised Pear Cake






I’ve never been a fan of mixing fruit with dessert but this cake is unreal.

My mother asked me to make this cake for her friend but as soon as it was out the oven I had to have it… with ice cream. Ergo, i made two. The more, the merrier, right?

Best served hot out the oven with ice cream or cold with a cup of tea. Enjoy!

Adapted from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Continue reading

The Brownie






This has to be the best brownie recipe in the history of the world. Simply sublime.

The key here is not to overmix at any stage as this results in a cakey texture. If followed carefully, this recipe will yield the fudgiest, densest, most unreal brownie batch you could ever imagine. Perfect hot out the oven with ice cream!

The famous ‘Baked’ Brownie

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Flourless Chocolate Cake






Chocolate cake has never been my favourite. Let’s be honest when there’s  a choice between cheesecake and chocolate cake, it’s cheesecake every time.

Nevertheless, there is something about flourless chocolate cake that is so delectable. It’s not gooey or dry or oily (ugh, the worst). It’s the perfect balance between a dense brownie and a chocolate torte. How wonderful!

I cut these up into bite size pieces in order to trick myself that I wasn’t having a whole 9″ cake to myself. No guilt here!

An Ottolenghi Recipe.

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S’mores Bars







I have had this bizarre obsession with s’mores since my first trip to camp in Vermont where I had excessive access to firewood and delicious treats.

Sadly, after my return from the mountains, I realised that I could no longer experience the wonders of an authentic s’more.

However, I have found that these bars are almost as good as the real thing and can be made from the warmth of an underfloor-heated kitchen. This is as good as it gets (unless you live in a forest with marshmallows and a perfect roasting stick)

I have also made the formal decision to reveal the perfect ratio for a graham cracker/digestive base. In terms of graham crackers that means  ½ cup :  ½ cup. In terms of digestives, that’s 16 digestives to  ½ cup of unsalted butter (or salted, depending on how you like it) Continue reading

Cinammon Rolls






The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning cannot be described in words.

It is a combination of Christmas morning and the sight of Brad Pitt in Troy. That good.

Bread flour can be substituted and will yield chewier rolls rather than soft and fluffy.  You also want your buttermilk warm enough to activate the yeast yet not hot enough to kill it. 40 seconds in the microwave seemed to do the trick.

Floss is a genuine life-saver. It produces the most uniform rolls with clean edges. Magic.

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Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins






My mother came back from a shopping trip with a Bobbi Brown smokey eye kit for my sister and a giant muffin pan for me. Nice.

This recipe either makes 6 huge, coffee-shop muffins, or 12 normal ones. I decided to use cooking spray and not muffin cases as I don’t like the ridges they create on the muffins. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or even midnight. Enjoy.

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Brown Sugar Maple Cookies






love giving baked goodies as gifts. It’s simple, super cute and everything homemade is always more appreciated.

As it was my friend Maia’s birthday I decided to bake her these cute little cookies. The instructions may be simple but the flavours are divine, although I do warn you: these require 2 hours freezing and defrosting time (unless you prefer cookie dough). What’s more is that all cookies can be wrapped to look even more adorable. I simply used greaseproof paper and string. Enjoy!

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